Hario V60 Glass Dripper 02 – Black



The award-winning HARIO V60 is the dripper of choice for coffee professionals and enthusiasts all over the world!

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Originally released in 2005, the HARIO V60 is loved around the world as a great tool that can help you create variations of flavour when brewing coffee.


Ease of use

Its ease of use makes it a great starting point for people interested in specialty coffee, while its versatility makes it so that you can fine-tune your brew to your precise preferences, extracting all the delicious tastes and aromas from your coffee beans.

Perfecting quality

The shape of the filter and inner ribbing directly affects the taste of the coffee, and is therefore extremely important. But perfecting the production of these shapes in glass presented quite a lot of hurdles and required innovation on our part. Luckily, HARIO started out as a company specializing in heatproof glass, so we put that century of expertise to work, and after a lot of time perfecting the production process, the heatproof glass V60 was finally released in 2009.

The clear winner

The V60 is loved by baristas and coffee enthusiasts around the world, and has been tried and tested time and time again: The V60 was used to win 6 out of 10 World Brewers Cup Championships, and it is the only dripper to have multiple wins to its name!


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